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Question about color grading/D-log/D-cinelog
829 1 2017-6-2
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I'm new to the whole subject of color grading, and trying to get an understanding of it. From what I've seen and read, it appears that setting the camera to us D-log or D-Cinelog produces video that is desaturated and lacking contrast. Then apparently you're supposed to restore the color and contrast through color grading, using editing software. So my (probably dumb) questions are:

1. Is this desaturated image what you see on the phone while you're shooting the video?

2. If so, how can you tell whether or not what you're shooting is going to look good?

3. Wouldn't it be easier just to shoot video that looks good in the first place, and only make minor adjustments in editing if needed?

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1. yes;
2. d-log prone to have more dynamic range than none in most of the conditions, which means it can remain more shadows and highlights than none in some conditions. So while shooting, presuming it will be great after color grading. Watch more color-graded vids, it probably will help you build up your confidence for d-log;
3. Comparing to non D-log vids, D- log seems like washing out, but you can see more remains on scope in the software. If you shoot none, some of the highlights might be unrecovered. That's why people like to shot d-log.
Hope it will help
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