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Isometric/Exploded View Details
710 2 2015-3-11
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I have not seen or heard of any extended type documentation such as expoded views and such that would allow for identification of parts/etc for minor repairs. I have sent back my camera for repairs due to a minor mishap, but am checking the upper portions of the gimbal mount for any issues. I think I found one that would be easily fixed by me rather tha having to send the entire AC back to DJI.
Evolution of a new product and early adoption have there pitfalls. I would however like to see something that must exist for factory assembly on the order of an isometric/exploded view.
I hope to get the attention of Tahoe Ed on this one.
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Most of the reason is that there are very few user serviceable parts on the Inspire.  With innovation comes complexity and the need for more specialized service.  Any work on the Arms requires that they be realigned in a custom made jig.  It is not something that a user can do.  An automotive equivalent is to compare a current electronically controlled vehicle to something that was produced in the 60's and 70's.  There not much you can do anymore other than change the oil.  On the gimbal mount check that the cables are seated and that there have been no damage to the leads that are contacted by the fine pins on the gimbal.  The most common problem is damage to the cables and the mount.
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