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Can't calibrate controller
702 1 2017-6-8
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A couple of days ago, when I turned on the controller, it started beeping constantly.  In DJI GO 4 I got a warning that the sticks needed to be calibrated.

I went in to the calibration routine, (see image below) disconnected the aircraft and then centered the sticks.  After that, I clicked start and was instructed to move the sticks to their maximum in all directions.

I did that..  But the calibration doesn't seem to be having any affect.  I can move the sticks for a couple of minutes.  The little circles show the direction I'm moving the sticks, but the progress bar does nothing.  The process never completes.  The 'finish' text doesn't light up so I can click on it.

***EDIT*** -  I looked again and managed to fix it....    What I thought was a progress bar under the 0% symbol isn't a progress bar..  Looking closer I saw the serrated wheel on each side of the bar.  When I turned the gimbal wheel, it registered on the bar.  Tuning the wheel in both directions completed the process.   Since the instruction only say to move the sticks, it didn't click that the gimbal wheel was part of the calibration process..  Duh..

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After doing the sticks several times for a minute or two you then need to do the left hand wheel on the RC. That's what the bottom bar on your image is for. Once done all should be completed.
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