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Battery Shelf Life - 6 months?
932 1 2017-6-9
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Was chatting with my buddy yesterday who had an Inspire die mid-flight not long ago. After investigating and going back and forth with DJI, DJI told him that all DJI batteries have a service life of about 6 months. Can anybody verify this?

While flying he got a flash of something for a split second but didn't see what it was (the notification was that a cell on the battery was bad) but it cleared itself, about a minute later, same thing. Since the code cleared it self and popped up so quickly, and gave no other indications, he wasn't able to see what it was, then it just died and came crashing to the ground. He has a battery tracking system and is pretty anal about logging everything. No prior indications of failure.

I haven't seen anything that says these batteries are only good in service 6 months, have any of you? We have 42 TB47S batteries that are now 8 months old, making me second guess it. Also, why would a bad battery cell error clear itself? I would think it should stay up on the screen.
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Please check the flight record, there should be the error message. If the drone has been crashed uncontrollably, please syn the flight record and contact our support to send it in.
The warranty of battery is 6 month and Charge Cycle less than 200 times, please check Warranty Period of Main Parts in our website:
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