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Blurry on left side of images and video
421 0 2017-6-14
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United States

I purchased my Osmo Plus this past Christmas. It had a gimble issue and DJI asked me to send it in to replace it. I received a new Osmo Plus almost 2 months later. I didn't use it outdoors until a week ago when I went to Hawaii. All of my shots were blurry on the left side of the image, both in pictures and videos that I took. I read here that a lot of people had a similar issue. I had already updated the firmware by the way. I called customer support and troubleshooted last night. I was asked to reset my Osmo and update the firmware, which I had already done before the images were taken. The rep said it was a hardware issue and told me I had to send it in to be fixed. She also told me to calibrate it with Assisstant 2, and i told her that you can't with Osmo Plus. Then she said she was wrong and make a mistake, that I couldn't do so with a Plus! Long story short, I had to send it in for "repair"! I sent it in today, but I shouldn't have to send something in that is brand new and hasn't been used! This is a manufactuer issue and the hardware is messed up, so they should send me a new one.
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