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X5S Getting Hot and turning off?
442 1 2017-6-16
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Recently upgraded my Inspire 2 Camere from the X4 to the X5S Camera.  

Day One:  80 Degrees outside;  Flew the drone, took a few shots of a property I was shooting.  The pictures came out BEAUTIFUL!  I don't think the X5S is able to take a bad picture! It is such a nice camera!

Day Two:  88 Degrees outside:  I had two jobs on this particual day.  Job one I took 6 stills with no problems (morning time)  Job two:  Customer asked me to take photos and video.  I took a few photos (turned out beautifully)  Went to shoot video, first 20 minutes of shooting no issues.  I swap the batteries fly for another 10 minutes and my camera freezes mid flights.  I restart the aircraft, camea turns on, I take off and 30 seconds into the flight camera image freezes up again.  I install the x4s and finish the job without an issue.  On top of this nightmare, all the footage that I took when I was having issues with my X5S turned out super blurry...

Day Three:  95 Degrees outside:  Using my X5S, I am shooting a 1.2 million dollar property in the middle of the day.  It was an absolute disaster.... 3 minutes into the flight the feed kept freezing... 5 minutes into the flight the feed would cut out completely and the ap would close.  Kept trying to restart the drone but same effect.  I know the ipad heating up is an issue as well but my feed kept cutting out.  I installed the X4S and had no issues with the feed freezing up, only issue I had with the x4s was my ipad getting too hot.

Has anyone else experienced these issues flying the x5s on hot days?  I am thinking I got a bad unit... how can it get so hot so quick?  I use my drone for my work and need to get this figured out asap.  Any ideas?
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Did you update your app and firmware to the latest ?
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