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Zenmuse X5: How to get SHARP images from CLOSEBY?
680 0 2017-6-19
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Flight distance : 233950 ft

Dear all,

I am looking some advice for the following. We will be photographing a (steel) bridge from closeby tomorrow from various directions, to be processed in a 3D model afterwards. We will be using our Inspire 1 with the Zenmuse X5. It is imperative that images are as SHARP as possible to be able to distill as many details as possible. We have decent experience with regular terrain mapping from 50m AGL (photographing straight down), but less regarding close-range and horizontal photography. We plan to collect images between 10-15 FEET from the object. So here goes; what would you suggest as an approach regarding the following settings (or other parameters I forgot to mention).

- MF/AF switch on the X5 itself. Set to AF or MF?
- MF/AF button in the GO App: Set to AF or MF?
- If using AF: Tap focus for every image or not?
- If using AF: Where to tap in the image (closeby/ far away object) to get sharpest image?
- Capture mode: Auto, Aperture or Shutter priority mode?
- Aperture: Large or small aperture?
- Anything else?

Thanks in advance!

Use props
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