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DJI Care Refresh - A positive review....for once
700 1 2017-6-24
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I feel as though the posts on DJI Care Refresh only happen when someone has a "nightmare" experience.  Am I saying that DJI customer support is the best, fact quite the opposite - there is much room for them to improve.  However,  I would like to say that my I2 RAW and X5S was sent into DJICR and within two weeks I was sent back "like new" components.  I tested both extensively and there are no issues with the I2 Raw or the x5s.  I had one small hiccup when my X5S seemed to be in limbo - I asked for help on this forum and someone from DJICR called me within 48 hrs - THANKS THOR!.  Problem solved.  I think the key to resolving issues that come up with DJICR is to not waste your time with the "help" chat or phone number.  STAY CALM, state your issue and ask nicely for worked for me.

I am a firm believer in the I2 platform there is simply nothing out there that touches its performance marks. I am hoping that DJI is learning that their current tech support service "chat" and phone line are inadequate (and the sales chat/line too)....but I am thankful that issues can be escalated via this forum.  I think that DJI should take a page from Applecare,  with tiers of tech/sales support that is live and fluent in the language you speak.  My guess is that it is far more cost effective to source out call/chat centers....however when you factor in the amount of customers lost due to the frustrations and inefficiencies of this it really worth the savings?

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Thank you very much for your positive feedback and support, sorry again for any inconvenience caused during the whole process, while we are pleased to hear all has been sorted out finally.
We listen to all the feedback from you and would love to learn from them.
Truly appreciate your kind advice, I past that along to the rest of our support team, will work hard to improve ourselves on product skills and customer service to provide you more professional service via all channels.
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