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Violent Shake/Won't stabilise!
380 1 2017-6-28 09:55:43
United Kingdom

Hey everyone,

I got the DJI Ronin M a few days ago and set it up roughly. I turned it on and thought it was working but realised the sounds were too violent. On top of this, the rig itself just wouldn't adjust to my movements. When I turn it on it violently shakes. I'm linking a video showing my problem in action.

Please help! London based btw.
2017-6-28 09:55:43
Use props
United States

I just received mine last week. I had the same problem when I started mine up.

Hook it up to a computer to adjust.  First, use the motor kill.  

Under motor settings
Pan 58
Tilt 12
Roll 35

All trim set to 0

Under smooth tract

All enabled
Speed.        Deadband.        Accelerate
Pan 50.           0.                         0
Tilt 50.            20.                        20
Roll 50.          15.                         20

Internal receiver off checked

Uncheck motor kill

I hope this helps!
2017-7-1 18:41:40
Use props
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