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711 1 2015-3-17
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So I was just reading the information about the battery that started on fire in the cabin and it got me to thinking.  

What is the best way to maintain the life of these batteries both in longevity and safety.  Currently I fly the Inspire almost everyday so I am cycling these batteries pretty frequently.  My SOP atm is to fly until about 20% life remaining and then swap to another if needed.  Do I have to fully discharge the batteries on a regular basis and if so, to what percentage?  8%, fully depleated?

I read on another thread that for storage they should be kept fairly low and in another someone stated they should be kept at 60%.

Maybe if someone that has the correct answers to these questions chimes in it will solve some uncertainty that we are facing.

Thank You in Advance
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DJI recommends that if you are flying commercially that they batteries be discharged to 20% or less.  You can set the battery to discharge in the App after a set number of days.  After 10 charging cycles it is recommended that you discharge to below 8% and then recharge.  
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