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Someone remind me of the update order
587 3 2017-7-8
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Somewhere in one of the many piles of paper I have on my workbench is a flow chart of sorts that someone here gave to me over a year ago.  On that paper it gives directions as to what to update first, second, third...

I believe the order is as follows:
1.  Go App
2.  Bird
3.  Radio
4.  Battery

Could someone confirm this?  Also I am running the granddaddy of the UAVs, the Inspire 1.  It does everything I need it to do, so I will fly it until it can no longer.  What firmware packages are reliable now.  The last time I flew was over a year ago and there were several versions that came out rapid fire and some didn't work so well.

Thanks for any and all help.  I've been out of touch.  Prison will do that to a guy...kidding, I was just working in Nebraska-GO HUSKERS!
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Depending on how old your FW is... this should cover it

1. Inspire 1 with battery (make sure your remote is turned off)
2. leave the SD card in the Inspire and update all the batteries ( make sure your remote is turned off)
3. update the remote with SD card inserted into card reader USB (make sure your Inspire is turned off)
4 update the DJI Go App : Connect the remote and see if you need to update again (as all the new updates will be done using the Go App for the remote) (,make sure your Inspire is turned off)
5. sometimes you need to relink the Inspire 1 to the remote (but not always)
You should be able to connect the Inspire 1 to the remote and check your current FW versions and they will be up to date

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The big one is to update the Aircraft BEFORE the RC transmitter .  If you do the RC transmiter first you can affect the space time continuum and then Marty Mcfly and Doc need to come back in the Delorean and use the Flux capacitor to put  the space time continuum back in proper order .

Or it may just cause your AC to lock up in travel mode .....I like the first one better though but thats just me

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I did it like this and everything went as it should :

update proceedure
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