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Faulty DJI A3 Pro system.
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Flight distance : 3162323 ft

Can I get a response from DJI regarding the A3 Pro system listed below. It needs to be returned for repair or replacement. (Just the A3 Pro not the RTK) I have had no response from the DJI support email since they admitted the problem was caused by bugs in the new DJI Go APP.

1. Contact person: Ashley Fairfield
2. Phone number (mobile preferred): 0414721885
3. SN of the unit: A3, A3 PRO UPGRADE KIT. DH270436429350, DI011610519938, DH280942079872,
5. Brief Description of damage or technical issue: Initially it was warnings using DJI GO APP. These then became physical problems with the craft behaving erratically. There seems to be IMU issues which are not solved by calibrating the IMU.
6. Troubleshooting steps you have tried to fix the issue before contacting support: I have tried using different versions of the DJI GO APP, I have tried using GS Pro, I have tried calibrating compass, I have tried calibrating IMU. I have upgraded to latest firmware.
7. Pick up address (business address preferred):  --------------------- Gold Coast , Queensland, Australia.
8. Pick up ready date: (Week days only, public holidays excluded) Ready for collection Monday afternoon July 10th.

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DJI Diana
Flight distance : 2408 ft


I am sorry for your unpleasnat experience, have you sent this item in? What is your case number or ticket number? I'd like to look into it.
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