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Buying a Mavic Pro from GearBest?
272 2 2017-7-17 14:02:38
United Kingdom

As the title suggests - been looking around for a good deal for the MP Fly More Combo. £1333.50 seems to be the general retail price in the UK (John Lewis, Maplin, Argos etc) so I am thinking of going for John Lewis because of the 2 year guarantee warranty (I know this doesn't cover accidental damage, but its an extra year than the others). However, I decided to look on GearBest for the sake of it and found I can save around £300 buying it from them, even if I get expedited shipping and shipping insurance.
I know about GearBest, but never have I purchased from them. I use similar sites for cheap purchases, toys, clothing, gag-gifts etc, but if I'm going to drop a grand I want some assurance of the legitimacy of the drone and what not. Anyone purchases high ticket items from them before? Should I expect a big customs tax bill?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

2017-7-17 14:02:38
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David Atkinson
United Kingdom

Not sure whether you've ordered anything yet?

I've heard some bad things about GearBest so would avoid them completely.

I went through Heliguy for training and my Mavic. Great service and you can give them a call with any questions etc.
2017-7-24 01:03:47
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my mavic arrived from gearbest, without any duty costs. There's a shipping method where you don't pay any duty's customs.
Everything arrived in perfect conditions, it tooks about 15 days to arrive to Portugal.
About warranty you can always sign for the DJI care, I didn't.

I saved ±500euros, using a promocode I found online...
2017-7-24 01:31:49
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