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30 Days In Thailand! (Josh Tryhane Vlogs)
1664 1 2017-7-27
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My name is Josh Tryhane and I recently went on a spontaneus trip through Thailand. My girlfriend and I packed our bags and set out on a jounrey we never thought we would do. Along with all of our luggage, I had cameras, tripods, batteries, stabalizers and many different types of lenses, however the best quality footage and scenery was captured on my DJI Phantom 4. Being a travel vlogger on YouTube I was uploading videos every single day and what was great about the Phanton 4 was that I gave people a great perspective of what was around me. I was able to get shots that looked like they were proffessionaly shot from a helicopter, and I could do it right from my hotel balcony. The Phantom 4 was the drone I decided to bring becuase I really wanted the extra battery life and picture quality, so I didn't have to worry about missing any shots.

While we were travelling through Thailand we used scooters as transportation and with the Phanton 4 being so light and easy to carry around, we didn't have any issues when it came to space. Some days we exceptionally windy, but the Phanton 4 never made any of my shots look out of focus or shakey. The 3 Axis Gimbal did its job well.

One things that really stood out to me when getting home after our trip was how many people told me they loved the drone shots I took. The Phantom 4 gave me the opportunity to show the most that I could of Thailand and I appreciate the hard work and quality put into DJI products.

Josh Tryhane

Shot On My Phantom 4:

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Very nice video and great editing job!
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