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Third Flight - Boat Launch
553 1 2017-7-30
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Flight distance : 6581 ft
United States

So today was my third flight ever and even after today I'm still under 1 hour total (baby steps). That being said I did launch off our boat (21ft Yamaha). Of course only after it launched did it tell me I was near an airfield (which I already knew about) and my flight would be restricted until I jumped through 17 hoops and accepted liability. BTW I did call that airport before I went out...but it's a VERY small airport and no one was even there on a Sunday.

Anyway, after about 5 solid minutes of my drone just hovering there I finally got through all the BS and was able to fly a little. I'm still taking it slow and still have a ton to learn about shooting video. I have not figured out how to track an object yet or how to highlight an object and then have it circle it while keeping the camera on it...I would have liked that mode today.

I did remember to turn off the bottom sensors and I did set the controler as the RTH...but niether really came into play. With over 50% battery I brought it back just in case I had issues landing in the boat. No problem, but I noticed it comes right down until it hits with the sensors I got a little bounce on my landing.

So far so good, but a TON to learn yet. BTW I fly with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and have had no issues so far. I do plan to pick up 7 or 8" tablet though to use.
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United States

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