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Ground Units Failure LB1 - Connection Broken message
89 1 2017-8-7 12:02:08
Flight distance : 363
United Kingdom

- Due to recent back to back biz trips and vacation both of my LB1 ground units batteries had gone flat - first time this had happened. - Now getting "connection broken" on Android device.
- All units latest software version, All TX functions to A2 / S900 are good.
- No video on mobile device and no control functionality on mobile device possible.
- When connecting LB assistant to ground unit firmware version for "Grnd syst main ctrl  1.1.9
                                                                                                "Grnd syst de-code --------" (blank)  
                                                                                                "Grnd syst tx          --------" (blank)
- I have seen a lot of threads on the net detailing this fault condition and it appears to be due to a firmware corruption due to battery level too low.
- If this is the case it would indicate a very poor design strategy on a professional unit and clearly not fit for purpose.
- Can you please advise what my options toget my LB ground units repared?
- I have been a long term enthusiastic customer needing no support at all until now.
- I now have my S800 + Z15, & S900 +Z15-GH4 grounded as a result of this problem.
- I also have P2, P3 pro and Mavic pro, but dont expect to be without my proffessional machines.

Look forward to your reply - please help.                                                                       

Cliff H.

2017-8-7 12:02:08
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Second Officer
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United States

You have 2 send it to DJI and it will cost about $350 USD. The other is do a search on the of the guys found a way to get it to work after his died. He posted after I had already paid for mine to be fixed...dang it.
2017-8-9 14:39:06
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