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What is a proper maintenance schedule?
200 6 2017-8-11 09:22:36
Second Officer
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United States

Is there something that says what we should be doing and when?

2017-8-11 09:22:36
Use props
Como Lake
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United States

My propeller have over 220 hour of flight... check the mount propeller if is not damage , check  inside the propeller, may be sure that not have a scratch.
2017-8-11 09:22:02
Use props
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No unfortunately there is not, you need to check props regularly for chips scratches etc, always check motors before you start flying to make sure they are all turning consistently, and check when you land to make sure they are not to hot , always check after flight for any damage or cracks to AC, check gimbal and camera, really there is not a lot more you can do
2017-8-11 09:25:38
Use props
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Before I fly I make sure my controls are moving freely, and everything is attached properly and the props are serviceable. Before I start flying I would put the aircarft in a hover and fly slowly until then continue with my mission.
2017-8-11 13:33:49
Use props
Steve Slechta
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United States

I set up a free account to upload all my flight data at Airdata UAV.  There's a maintenance tab on the page and as you accumulate flight time, it will suggest maintenance for the drone and batteries. Makes it all pretty easy as far as keeping things up.

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2017-8-11 19:05:03
Use props
DJI Susan

I would recommend you to form a good flying habit. Remember to check the propeller and motor status regularly. Also, keep an eye of the APP message.
2017-8-12 01:18:37
Use props
Second Officer
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I use Airdata as well. Not sure how much this is professionally founded but I kind of believe in it.
With my P4P I have flown around 350km.
No problems at all, BUT:
The mounting plates under the propellers came loose a while ago. I took out the screws, put half a drop of thread locker on each and put them back in. No more issue since then. ... oming-loose.114683/

My props are still the original ones. Full of insects, no scratches.

2017-8-12 13:00:38
Use props
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