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D-LOG for Osmo
218 1 2017-8-11 17:43:52

Heya, I'm having heaps of fun with my Osmo+ and I'm on the verge of placing an order for the Osmo Raw combo for more professional stuff. However I'm really hoping that a better DLog is being worked on. I'd love to see better highlight protection, similar to SLog3 on the Sony cameras. I'm sure everyone would benefit from a flatter curve.

Any chance this is being worked on?
2017-8-11 17:43:52
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Dlog is pants - best bet is set the exposure as best you can & shoot in CineD. This gives you a little highlight protection but nothing like the sony stuff. If you're shooing in raw it doesn't matter anyway as you have to prcess all the files aftwr shooting. So set it back to normal or CineD that way your viewfinder screen will be more useful. Hope that helps
2017-8-12 05:25:10
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