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Ronin-M "Wobble" Issue (UNUSABLE FOOTAGE)
379 1 2017-8-12 01:04:21
United Kingdom

Hi All,

Having quite a hard time capturing smooth, usable footage from my Ronin-M (only about a month old). Since Day One, I've had trouble getting footage that doesn't "wobble" or "jitter" as I walk. Here is my set-up:

5D Mark III (with Battery Grip)
24-105mm Lens
SmallRig Tilt Extension Rods

All firmware appears to be up-to-date and I can get the camera near-enough balanced perfectly on all 3 axis. I understand that 3-axis gimbals won't compensate for "up and down" movement (and side-to-side to some degree). However, I don't know about you, but these movements seem too prominent in the footage I'm getting.

1ST CLIP: This was taken whilst on a job, thought it'd be worth a try before the guests came in. But as you can see the jitter is still there. Auto-Tune Stability was performed and I stuck with those settings (can't remember what they were unfortunately, but there were no vibrations in the system).

2ND CLIP: Tried again from home, this time by adjusting the Motor Settings to (isn't as bad, but still noticeable):

Pan: 75, 0            
Tilt: 25, 0
Roll: 60, 0

Smoothtrack Settings:

Pan: 18, 5, 0
Tilt: 15, 5, 0

Any ideas what the problem could be, or what I might be doing wrong here? I always adopt the "heel-toe" walking technique when shooting with the Ronin-M, but no matter how hard I try, I still recieve results like these.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2017-8-12 01:04:21
Use props
DJI Natalia

Please try to set up a higher value for speed and deadband after installing the lens mount.
Besides, please walk in uniform speed to decrease the vibration in vertical direction.
2017-8-14 05:15:16
Use props
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