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Nexus 7 signal errors and battery cell deviation
125 1 2017-8-13 08:15:51
jim johnson
Flight distance : 40615
United States

Hi guys,

New pilot here, first drone and first post. I got a Mavic and I love it so far. I am using a Nexus 7 wifi and I have been putting it and the phone in my pocket into airplane mode. I found out about Airdata UAV and uploaded my flight logs there. My main issue that was revealed is that I have lots of signal loss according to the Signal Map. It's green when it's really close but after it gets a little distance it goes all red and purple. I've never actually lost the RC signal on the controller as far as I can tell but I'm getting tons of these errors on every flight on Airdata.

I have several days to exchange the drone if the drone is defective in some way before I will have to deal with support on these issues, but how can I test that? If the mobile device can't keep up (it doesn't have enough storage for video cache), I could try with my LG G3 but I don't think it's an approved device. Unfortunately I don't have anything else to test at the moment and I own no IOS devices.

One other issue I saw is the original battery indicates minor deviations. I have a second battery that reports 0 deviations that I just used the first time yesterday, but the original one shows these minor deviations in the 40's each time on cell 1 so I'm wondering if this cell is going to go bad even though it's had about 3 flights so far.

2017-8-13 08:15:51
Use props
DJI Thor

Did you lose the transmission or any signals that showed on the app during flight? If you did lose the signal in a short distance. flight signal sometimes relates to the flight environment, we would suggest that you fly the drone in a wide and broad place. Also, the position of the antennas makes a great effort for signal, too. Check the position of the antennas for the remote controller. Distance should be greater than height during flight. Please to make sure the remote controller’s antennas are positioned parallel to and are pointed towards the aircraft.
About the battery issue, please provide a screenshot of the battery info on DJI GO 4 app. Thank you.
2017-8-13 23:52:58
Use props
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