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My Drone Life
374 4 2017-8-22 09:28:31
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Hong Kong

I always wanted to become a pilot since I was a kid, I did not have the chance to become one due to  the environment which I brought up with. Therefore, I was so interested in all type of aircraft related items and toys.

Apart from aeroplane models, I was also interested in folding my own paper planes. Since the technology back then was not developed that well, there were not many remote controlled aeroplane toys available so all I could play with was remote control cars or the types of aeroplane toys I mentioned above.

When computer technologies were getting more developed, I started to be obsessed with flight simulator computer games. Although it was not performed on a real aircraft but at least it could fulfill my dream of becoming a pilot. To be honest, it was not enough but it was the only choice for me.

When technology was getting more developed and while I could afford to pay for my own entertainment, it was the time when drones started to become available. I was so excited but at the same time I worried if I could manage to control it well. However, my instinct told me that I should have a go. Therefore I had bought my first drone and have started my life as an 'amateur pilot'! I could finally fulfill my dream as a pilot as technically I was really controlling my own aircraft (i.e. Drone).

Since then operating drones has becoming part of my life!

I started using DJI products since the launch of Phantom 3 Advanced. I had built up my interest in droning since then. As an amateur photographer myself, drones are the essential tools to help me with those landscape photography like taking photos or videos across the rivers and mountains, which were not possible to be achieved without using helicopters during the old times. Apart from helping with my career, droning can also fulfill my interest during my leisure time, especially when I am travelling abroad. The latest DJI Mavic Pro as well as DJI Spark are small enough to bring around or even abroad, which will not occupied other spaces for carrying our other essential stuffs for daily life and for travelling.
From Phantom 3 Advanced to Phantom 4, then Mavic Pro and now Spark, DJI has always surprised me with the gradually improved performance on each new model I owned/own. Thank you DJI! You have made my career and life wonderful! I cannot wait to see more from you!
2017-8-22 09:28:31
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Flight distance : 8276

Nice pictures!
2017-8-29 22:25:26
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Flight distance : 1430025
United States

Impressive pictures.
2017-9-4 17:33:45
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Flight distance : 8021
United States

The "damn car" is by far my favorite
2017-9-14 13:50:50
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Flight distance : 1648145
United States

DJI has changed the lives of many on a global scale. It's amazing how far they've come and how we all have improved building our piloting skills over time. Good luck with your endeavors !
2017-9-30 18:41:51
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