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Gimbal Roll physically changes after every picture taken.
410 1 2017-8-25
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Flight distance : 1159331 ft
United States

Dear sirs at DJI,

I have sent my Drone in to have you fix this problem. You sent it back and the problem still exists. It exists for EVERYONE who shoots pictures with the Phantom 4 Pro.

If you need to make a time lapse photo shoot of a static view, your Horizontal base line of your gimbal rolls after nearly every shutter press.

Here is something for DJI to do.
1) Hook a Phantom 4 Pro up to DJI Assistant.
2) Start the Simulator with all the settings in the drone and current positions of motors along the right hand edge of the Assistant window.
3) Have Mechanical Shutter enabled.
4) Press the shutter button. Say once a second and do it sever dozen times.
5) Watch the Value for Gimbal Roll CHANGE from a 0 to some number with a long decimal point value and then back to 0.
6) Just keep doing this, you'll hear the shutter operate, when you see the value quickly change away from zero to whatever it goes to and back to zero again, you should see the Gimbal twitch and now be in a new position.

At this point you have just witnessed what us still life photographers refer to as the Phantom 4 pro Gimbal Twitch while shooting pictures.

This movement is UNACCEPTABLE for a drone in this price range. This movement makes time lapse photography have images that bounce all over the horizon. This movement is within DJI's ability to fix. So FIX IT ALREADY.

I've already sent you videos of exactly what is happening when we take still photos. Your forum already has at least one thread detailing this problem. Please, Please FIX IT ALREADY!

Thank you,
David Martin
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DJI Susan


Sorry for the inconvenience first. Could you tell us your case number? I'd like to check the exact status.
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