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128 gig ad card?
470 1 2017-8-25
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I received a 128 gig memory card today and I'm having some issues with it. It may be that it's to large for the p4. I can't remember if the cut off size is 64 or 128. I'm still learning about memory cards but it says its good for 80 Mbps. I don't think the p4 writes at more than 80 Mbps but I may be wrong. I figured worst case I could use it for 1080p but it's not even doing that well. It records for 10-30 seconds and then stops recording. It does the same for 2.7 and 4K but the video can't be played back at those resolutions. I've used slower cards than this and was still able to record 1080p. So where did I go wrong, size, speed, or both? It's not the latest firmware because I'm presently on 0602 and my other cards record perfectly. Thanks for any help.
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The max capacity of Phantom 4 is 64 GB. And it doesn't support 128 GB yet.
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