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Ronin-M Bluetooth Protocol explained
2205 1 2017-8-25
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I think a lot of people here would appreciate if you could disclose the bluetooth commands the Ronin-M supports. If you are one of these, please post here to show your interest.

Especially if the commands would include absolute position commands like "look 10° left from center and 30° downwards from horizontal", I guess the demand for this gimbal would spike.

This would enable use to write various apps, so you can control the gimbal movements from a tablet, most importantly pre-program movements.

Use cases:
  • A CableCam Controller moves the gimbal while driving on the rope in order to point to the same POI all the time but from different angles.
  • Preprogram a movement to repeat the same multiple times, e.g. for a stationary rig or for overlays.
  • Timelapse, where you want to pan the gimbal by 180° in 10 minutes.
  • Tracking of an object.
  • Gigapixel Panoramas
  • Ronin is on a crane and depending on the pan of the crane, the tilt is adjusted by the app automatically to ease up the Follow operation - just one axis needs to be controlled manually.
  • Simple Astro-Tracking applications.

All of that can be enabled at once if only the firmware would support that - if it doesn't already - and you explain how to connect to the bluetooth module executing such commands.
A whole new world of opportunities and use cases for the Ronin at virtually no costs.

Use props
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DJI deliberately hides the protocol
in order to sell their additional devices, mediocre quality, the only way is a bluetooth sniffer

I am very ashamed of the greed of DJI, now she only cares about money !
Use props
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