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Ronin-MX + Lightbridge 2 without drone
410 2 2017-8-29 23:50:13
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The idea is to only stream video and control the gimbal, and use the Lightbridge 2 controller to do so.

Does anyone know if it is possible to use the Ronin-MX and Lightbridge 2 to
1 - control the gimbal and
2 - stream the video

- without having a e.g. A3 (or other) flight controller at the receiving side of the Lightbridge 2 ?

As far as I know (if this worked) even only gimbal-pitch would be possible, since this setup expects a drone on one side...

Thank you very much for anyone who might help here or might have the same problem and likes to contribute.
2017-8-29 23:50:13
Use props


we operate two Ronin MX without drone on a crane and on a buggy. The simple setup is Ronin MX with included remote tx and Connex for the video transmission. You can also use the connex as external receiver for the Ronin MX via s-bus.
With this simple setup you don t have any additional channel for focus/iris pulling or cam control. So we mainly use this setup: Ronin MX, Futaba s-bus receiver (with additional channels for focus motor and cam control), Futaba tx, connex. This is a solid working setup for crane and buggy work. We did not manage to make this setup work on a copter due to horizon-level problems though :-/
The use of external receivers is tricky with the Ronin MX. You have to make sure that the receicer runs only on the s-bus protocol - NOT fasstest! And we do not have channel feedback with the latest fw :-(

2017-9-1 01:06:48
Use props

Have you checked the App to see if you can stream live? Facebook live may help as well but you may have to consider some type of Wi Fi hook up.
2017-9-18 07:10:31
Use props
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