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Focus Issues
186 3 2017-8-31 14:05:44
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Hello, all.
Hoping for a little bit of help. I'm having some issues with focus. When I shoot D-Log -2 -1 -2, I have poor focus. It's a little bit better when it's -1 -1 -1, but I think maybe the contrast is too low to focus well. There is less of an issue when I'm not shooting Log. Does anyone else have this issue? Any recommendations if so?
Thanks a lot.
2017-8-31 14:05:44
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Once you start modifying sharpness, contrast and saturation then you are experimenting and you may need to start doing some youtube searches to get your answers or else just keep modifying the settings yourself until you find what works. Shooting with D-Log assumes you are going to be doing post processing to get the desired effect.
Unless you are an experienced photographer, perhaps you should start with the basics. choose D-Log, keep auto focus and just change one custom setting at a time. It is easy to shoot multiple short videos, each with a minor change. You can turn on video sound and just speak at the start of each video saying  what change you have made to the settings.
2017-8-31 17:36:19
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D-Log will lower the contrast, so it has side effect on AF. The suggestion is touching focus on the region that is lightful and rich of texture.
2017-9-13 17:46:34
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Hi, 3# is from our engineer, please refer to the answer above. Thank you.
2017-9-14 23:14:49
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