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M600 Bricked after failed firmware update -What now?
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Looking for some advice now that I have a non functioning M600 on a remote work site. Below is a short recap:

1: Logged into DJI Go to calibrate compass beginning of yesterday, see that there is a new firmware update "required" for the M600.

2: Decide that because I'm in a remote work camp with shotty internet connection I better try to avoid updating until after the job is complete so something like bricking the unit with a failed firmware flash doesn't cost me work and some reputation.

3: Day two, drive 40 min. to the top of a small mountain range to continue flight ops. Upon mission upload I get "the excecution can not be excecuted" on the tablet. A weirdly cryptic error message from thr M600. Open DJI Go and see that next to "Firmware update required" there is now a message saying "Vehicle Locked". Tap on that and get a pop-up explaining that I must update my firmware to unlock the machine. Great, what a professional and "industrial" system I have before me, DJI. If no one loses their job over this design descision....

4: Drive back down the mountain to a spotty sattilite internet connection.

5: Start normal Firmware update procedure via DJI Assistant2. Wait paitently for close to 30 min as the firmware downloads during update. NOTE: full batteries in the M600, laptop plugged in with a full backup battery, known good USB micro cable used previously to update M600 less that a month ago, props removed.

6: at 99%, the upload screen hangs for half a minute and then the "connection with flight controller lost..." message appears. Great.

7: Spend 20 minutes strategically trying to reconnect flight controller. Sveral power cycles of each device in a gradual cascade as well as all toeather. Tried several different USB cables. No luck. I can see the Lightbridge 2 module in "Ass2" but the FC is DOA.

8: Calmly explain to the client that he won't be receiving the data he has paid for because I chose to trust DJI with the success of my buisness.

9: Write a forum post explaining how I'd like to figure out what the next step is to get my unit repaired so I can sell it to a trust fund kid and go get a quote from Freefly for an actual "Industrial" unit.

Any advice? Maybe just cave this thing in with a splitting axe?
Use props
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