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Airspace drone safety ! Please read
153 3 2017-9-10 22:58:43
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Even if you fly according to law and regulation.

What would happend if a rescue helicopter, fighter jet or any airplane does hit your drone and you're part of an accident.

This is offcourse a really worst case scenario but something no one wants to be part of.

Since you as a drone pilot dont have access to any other flight traffic data while flying. You will have no clue or warning if it happends to you.

I personly wouldnt feel better if it later shows it wasnt your fault.

See this movie about a drone pilot flying in restricted airspace , luckely no accident happend :

Eventhough this scenario in the film cleary shows the effect by someone not following the rules.

This should be an eye opener to where you decided to practice your newly found wings.
There is always going to be risks involved flying a drone.

My point here is not to get anyone feeling bad but there could be easier communication sharing when flying a drone.

Lets say the app on your phone or the drone would transmit its position to the closest airspace control center.
They could then filter the data for any nearby traffic if beeing to close or to high. So the idea is not to frame the drone pilot but to provide for a more safe evironment without affecting your hobby.

No one offcourse will think it could happend to them since they are in control, but unforseen things can happend and this could instantly shut down anyone wanting to fly drones worldwide in the future...

If DJI wont be in the lead for this any 3rd party developer could take the lead.

Until no accident happend all is good. But if we as a community can be one step ahead its a win situation for all of us. We also have the power to ask and suggest ideas to DJI .

I hope I dont upset some here now !

Safe flying

2017-9-10 22:58:43
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Flight distance : 6192

Feel free to comment what you think is right ! Its just ment to be an eye-opener for all pilots out there

Just found this clip on youtube...
2017-9-11 10:15:41
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Second Officer
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United Kingdom

Try . Also in UK we have ... responsible-flying/ which allows you to post where & when you intend to fly.
2017-9-11 11:18:37
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United States

It is always best to consider updating the no fly zones on your app by reinstalling it. As time goes on, integration of aircraft and drone flying space will be more common.
2017-9-11 11:46:20
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