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Cannot activate M600 Pro on iOS and OSX, nor Android and Windows...
118 1 2017-9-11 04:01:34
Matt MacIsaac
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United States

I am relatively new to DJI products and I am helping a slightly less technical friend set up and configure a new M600 Pro. Not quite the blind leading the blind but we are definitely a bit lost. Please bear with me if I butcher any terms or tech specs, and hopefully this is just something simple we are either overlooking or unaware of. I know there is A LOT we are not aware of currently.

Here is the lineup: M600 Pro, A3 flight controller, Ronin MX with what will probably initially be a Sony A7 and a wide angle lens. The package we have was purchased through B&H not DJI directly. We only have the single controller right now.

The Ronin MX and camera are currently not on the M600, although they were mounted once during the initial unboxing and assembly.

We are essentially stuck in an infinite loop where DJI Assitant 2  can not activate the M600 Pro and says the we need to register by signing into the DJI Go App for the first time. When we sign into the app it instructs us that we need to activate the M600 using DJI Assistant 2 on a computer.

This is the same when we try on Android tablet and Windows laptop as well as with an iPhone 6S and a Mac Mini with MacOSX.

Here are the steps are are taking on the Mac and iOS setup:

1. Turn on remote
2. Turn on M600 Pro. Aircraft status light eventually settles on green flashes about 3 seconds apart.
3. Remote status light turns green
4. Connect aircraft to Mac using micro USB to USB cord.
5. Launch DJI Assistant 2 on Mac (software downloaded today from DJI M600 Pro page)
6. DJI Assistant 2 open, showing two connected devices: DJI M600 Pro and DJI LightBridge 2
7. Click on Lightbridge 2, download latest firmware, works everytime
8. Back out, click on DJI M600 Pro. New screen says "Activate your M600 Pro when you first connect it to the app. It will also activate your 1-year warranty".
9. Click on "Start Activation", then click on "Confirm Your Account"
10. Agree to TOS and Disclaimer, click on "Confirm". "Activating" spinning wheel shows for a few seconds.
11. Red "X" appears, says "Activation Failed" "Activation Failed. Please retry." Click button on same screen that says "Reactivate"
12. Now back on same screen as Step 8. Process repeats over and over.

So now over to iPhone:

1. Remote status light still green, connect remote to iPhone via micro USB to iPhone charger cord.
2.  Open up DJI Go app on iPhone. Swipe over to Matrice menu, select Matrice 600 Pro
3.  Click button that says "Camera", app now opens up the live view screen, although it shows "Disconnected" from the aircraft. No data or information from aircraft is available and stick will not start props.
4.  Close out of DJI Go app, then open it back up. Now screen says: "Activate Matrice 600 Pro. MATRICE 600 PRO not Activated. Activate it with DJI Assistance 2". Spelling error is in the app, not mine.

Sometimes I can get back into the camera view, and there is an "Activate Aircract" note under the "Overall Status" header but it is not cliackable or expandable.

I don't have access to the camera and gimble now as my friend is at work... can it be as simple as needing the gimble and cam hooked in to get the activation going? Seems a little silly to have it set up that way but I'm running out of ideas so I will be trying that this evening once I have access again.

Both iOS and OSX are up to date. The process when using Android tablet and Windows 7 Pro is nearly identical to the steps above.

Anyone have a beacon they can shine on this foolishness? Thank you!

2017-9-11 04:01:34
Use props
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I had exactly the same problem as you. My solution was to uninstall DJI Assistant 2 and then install an older version of the program, which I found here:
h t t p s ://

Let me know if it works for you.

2 days ago
Use props
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