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Can Goggles record video stream as DJI GO4 app does?
346 1 2017-9-11 10:53:28
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Hi all, silly qustion incomming..

I couldn't find anywhere option to record flight video stream to Goggles SD card.

Product description quote:" The Micro SD Card slot on the DJI Goggles is used to download files from the aircraft to the goggle’s onboard SD card for backup and to view captured video files.(Only videos with a resolution of 1080P/60fps or lower can be viewed via the Goggles.) " (

This makes no sense to me. I love my Goggles and would love to rewatch flights on them, but it appears to be impossible as I shoot in 4K.

  • So if I record 4K video with Mavic, can't watch it on Googgles.
  • If I downscale 4K video in post-production, can't upload it to Goggles and watch it.
  • Can't redord live video stream from Mavic to Goggles (as DJI GO 4 app does) - to watch it later.

Are these correct, and if so  - can anyone bother to explain why? (*wink*wink@DJI)


2017-9-11 10:53:28
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Have you reviewed page 15 on the manual? The Goggles has its own SD card slot: ... _User_Manual_EN.pdf
2017-9-11 18:08:43
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