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M600 Pro wit Z30 - Z30 Reset
119 0 2017-9-12 09:30:38
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Taz Flyer
Flight distance : 2381
United States

     Just curious if anyone has seen this issue. Here are the highlights:

     1) Flying M600 Pro w/D-RTK, and Z30
     2) Using iPad Mini - Using PhantomPilots iPad Optimization settings.
     3) In camera mode, zoom in to object, Multi shot (3), in Aperture Priority.
     4) Distance - 350 to 450 feet from controller, height 65 feet. Direct line of sight, no obstructions or RF Interference.
     5) Hit the shutter button in the GoApp.
     6) Pictures taken, however Z30 disconnects from GoApp, reconnects 45 to 60 seconds later.
     7) During disconnect, no control of camera, and no visual.

     All the devices are on the latest version of code (M600 Pro, R-DTK, Z30, iPAD etc.). It has always reconnected its a pain as you have to go through all the camera settings you set before you took off. I am in the process of opening up a case with DJI support, will update when I hear back.


Taz Flyer

2017-9-12 09:30:38
Use props
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