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Help in Video content not showing up in iOS app?
49 1 2017-9-13 02:53:56


I've just purchased an iPad, and installed plex onto it. I already have an iPhone 4 running plex, which has never caused me any problems before (either streaming locally or over the Internet). However, recently, I've started to encounter an odd issue. Sometimes, Plex on iOS won't pick up my App Video Content at all. It picks up the plugins that are available (there's only 2 that work with the iOS app), but it flat out refuses to get my content unless i quit out of plex and the PMS app and restart it... Obviously not ideal when I'm away from my computer!

Anyone else having this issue? I assumed it was to do with the latest iOS update...

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
2017-9-13 02:53:56
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DJI Mindy

May I know the model of your drone and IOS version? Is there any error message in the APP like ''Disconnected''? Could you please show us the screenshot? Thank you.
2017-9-13 04:34:04
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