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how to reload software to drone and contoller
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Be patient -  dinosaur here not very computer literate.  

Drone had sat for about a year  pulled it out and updated DJI GOAPP on android  phone   activated wifi to drone and let it update - bells and whisltes  went for about 45min - were still going when I shut it down.  NOw cant get into Waypoints  (toggling SI downwillmake FI mode appear on phone but  thats it cnat go any farther no BLue choice to go into intelligent flight modes  

I am now thinking I have not updated the drone and controller properly  heres my questions:

1.) Curently  you do not need  to use a  cable to update the drone and controller it will occur through wifi -correct ?

2.)  HOw do I reload softweare to the drone and controller.  I have reloaded the DJI go app and I still get no choices to update drone and controller -how would I do this ?

Thanks for your help

2017-9-13 15:04:00
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what go app version and firmware version is showing up that you have right now? also what drone
2017-9-13 15:52:45
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You are using Phantom 3 Standard, right? If yes, you don't need a cable to upgrade the firmware. Please check your version to see whether you need to upgrade: power on the drone, RC, app and enter device---upper right icon---general----about, the latest version is v1.9.20, if your drone is not at the version, try to restart the app till the update notification pops up again.
For the Intelligent mode, you need to take off in P mode then switch to F mode.
2017-9-13 22:06:10
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First update the Go app to the latest version. Then power on your RC/AC system and connect the phone with the RC/AC and wait for the prompt. Tab on <upgrade> and you will be guided from the App.
Make sure you have internet connection. The app will download the firmware to the phone. Then push <upgrade/install> and the phone will upload the file to the SD card on the copter,and the installing begins.
You may use a fan for light breeze to cool the gimbal and cam. The RC and the AC will be disconnected and reconnected 2 - 3 times for 40 secs (controller signal 5.8 GHz) but the WIFI stays connected.
This act will take 20 -30 minutes. If it´s all successful then the status LEDs are green on the RC and the AC and the App tells you the copter is ready to fly.
You will find the FW-file and the log in the root of the SD card in cam.
2017-9-14 00:19:13
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I would watch the video and work next to it. Much of what I learned was done that way.
2017-9-14 09:40:05
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