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DJI Wind 8 Octocopter FAQs
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Flight distance : 250125 ft
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Here at Quadrocopter, we've been customizing the DJI Wind 8 octocopter for various applications. Since we've made our Wind 8 Methane Detection Drone public, we've been getting a lot of questions about the system, and using it for other various applications.

I'm hoping to address some of the common questions we get regarding this platform.

Feel free to comment below with specific questions, or if very specific / confidential, PM me or email me at

  • What is the Wind 8: It is a Custom Built-To-Order DJI Octocopter variant of the MG-1S
  • How much can it lift: It has a rating of 10kg or 22lbs.
  • What is the IP rating: IP56
  • How do I buy one, I can't find it listed anywhere: All Wind series copters are custom Built-To-Order. Therefore, all requests must be quoted through us first.
  • How much does it cost: This isn't an easy answer since all Wind series copters are custom build and priced after DJI and I ( speak with our Wind series team and agree on a quote . However, expect the price to be between 10-20K depending on the setup.
  • What cameras can I put on it: All DJI cameras are supported, as well, the Wind 8 uses DJI LB2, so this means you can litterally plug anything with a HDMI or Analog output into it. When it comes to attaching the camera to the Wind 8, this could be as simple as hard-mounting the camera, using a ronin/zenmuse, or having custom stabilization designed.
  • Can I attach other devices to it: Of course. The main purpose of these Wind series copters is to mount custom sensors on it for various applications. For example, we've had customers mount LIDAR, Gas Detection, and prototype sensors under these Wind platforms.  
  • How do these devices mount to the copter: The Wind series copters have basic mounting plates/rails that custom bracketing is designed around.
  • Will these other devices integrate with the app: To a point, yes. For example, we have had custom versions of the DJI Ground Station Pro iOS app designed to integrate with sensors, and output various information to easy to use file formats like .CSV for further analysis.
  • Does the landing gear retract: So far, no. However, I've never asked DJI for a retractable landing gear version. The landing gear length is adjustable though.
  • How long does it take to build: Depending on the level of custom build, the project can take as little as a few weeks to build, test, and deliver. If the build is complicated and requires special designing, expect at least a month.
  • When it needs repairs, who fixes it: Depending on what needs repair, we can send you a replacement part or you can send it back to us (Quadrocopter) for repair. The Wind 8 shares a lot of simular parts with other DJI platforms, so parts are usually easy to aquire.  
  • What are it's formal specs: See below.
  • What batteries does it use: It uses DJI MG-12000 batteries. These are the same batteries used in the Agras MG-1S. They are 12S 12,000mah batteries. Two can be mounted on the Wind 8. Typically, one battery is used in most builds.
  • How long will it fly: 15-39 minutes depending on the payload.
  • You keep saying "Wind Series", there are others?: Yes, the Wind series includes the Wind 1, 2, 4, 8. The 1, 2, and 4 are all quadcopters, the 8 is an octocopter. They are all IP56, customizable, built-to-order, and have various weight ratings.

• Diagonal Distance 1520mm
• Weight 8.5kg (with no battery)
• Max Takeoff Weight 26 kg
• Max Payload Weight 10 kg (with 2 DZ-22000mAh batteries)
• Propulsion System E2000 Customized Version
• Adaption platform for third-party device Quick-release
• Basic Configuration IMU*2,GPS*1
• Structure Foldable arms
• Hovering Time 39 min (with 2 MG-12000mAh batteries)
• Hovering Accuracy Vertical:±0.5 m,Horizontal: ±1.5 m
• Max Angular Velocity Yaw:150°/s
• Max Pitch Angle 25°
• Max Ascent Speed 5 m/s
• Max Descent Speed 3 m/s
• Max Wind Resistance 10m/s
• Max Speed 15 m/s
• Dimension of Drone (folded) 780mm*780mm*482mm
• Dimension of Drone (unfolded) 1471mm*1471mm*482mm

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