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590 1 2017-10-8
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Little John
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United Kingdom

Hi,  Is it possible to keep a map cached on my iPad mini 4?

Yesterday I went to fly where I had flown the day before and I had checked out the area in the DJI go 4 app before I had left home and didn’t close the app on the first day.

When I arrived on the first day I had no cellular coverage, but because I hadn’t completely close the app the map was still cached in the go 4 app.
When I went back the second day I had no map after I had closed the app completely after the first day.

Is there a way to keep a map cached so it is available after the app is closed.

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DJI Thor
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First of all, enable Cache Map in the Background, after Cache Map in the Background is turned on and the map screen is entered with the Internet connection, the app will cache a map that had previewed before. Then navigate the map to the destination you would go, when the names show, the cache finished. You can shut down the internet and check the map again.
Use props
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