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Spark Woes!
513 1 2017-11-2
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 2091614 ft
United Kingdom

When I first got my Spark it worked great, I had no issues whatsoever, I loved it. It seems that everytime there's an update problems occur, whether it's caused by the DJI Go app or firmware updates the image transmission just gets worse.

I went out today to test the .701 update, firstly with my iPad Air 2 (IOS version 10.3.2) at just 100m or so the image transmission was glitchy and stuttery and occasionally dropped out completely triggering a RTH. I took it to 50m height and 50m distance and let it sit there whilst I monitored the transmission, again, it was glitchy and stuttery. (Note that I turned off Wifi and Bluetooth on my phone whilst using the iPad)

I then tried it using my iPhone 6s (IOS version 10.3.3), image transmission was better I managed to get to around 300m but on the return journey I lost image transmission and got an RC connection error. I cancelled the RTH and flew it back using the maps view as a guide. I turned the craft off and back on again and flew it out again, the outward journey seemed ok but on return I experienced image transmission and RC connection issues once more. Please note that the antennas on the RC were correctly arranged and I have followed all the guidance DJI provides.

Another thing I noticed is that the amount of power the app uses, my phone was charged to 100% when I headed out, but a flight of 8mins zapped 19% of that. Why does it use so much processing power?!

The above was also true for my P3A when I got that 18months or so ago, straight out the box worked great then image transmission problems started to ruin the experience with every update. I’ve also got an Inspire and I’ve stopped updating the app and firmware in fear of ruining that too.!
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DJI Elektra

Did you check the wifi transmission image in the setting? How about the signal of channel? Please fly in a place that most of the channels are green.  
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