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Travelling to Dubia, Thailand and Japan
771 1 2017-11-10
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Ameer Allybocus

United Kingdom

Hey guys,
I'm planning to take a trip to Thailand and Japan next year (both via Dubai).

Thailand will be Jan 2nd to 14th

Japan will be May/June

I had some questions re: travelling with a Mavic Pro.

First off:
Is there an International Insurance any of you would recommend that would provide me with worldwide cover for accidental damage etc...?

Secondly,  regarding the actual airline travel:

I've seen a variety of recommendations, but one thing is clear:


Now regarding the actual Mavic Pro, I was wondering which one of these solutions would be best? (as an aside, my checked suitcase is hard shell and very sturdy).

1. Carry the Mavic Pro with me in Hand Luggage and pack the propellers in my suitcase (would security recognise it as a drone and potentially confiscate it?)

2. Put the Mavic PRo in my Checked Luggage (Is my luggage likely to be opened and searched once I check it?)

Was wondering which of the above you guys would recommend?

Next Up: Travelling in Thailand.

Now I understand some new rules have recently come into play whereby we have to have register with NBTC and CAAT.

Apparently NBTC Registration is police station based and takes all of 10 minutes.

CAAT on the other hand appear to be taking months to process applications...I've contacted them to request information a week ago and heard nothing back.

I know we're supposed to respect the rules of local authorities in different countires etc. but I was wondering:

Provided I got international insurance and provided I'm registered with the NBTC, would any police bother me that much provided I'm flying the drone safely and very far away from anyone/thing?  Would the pull me up, and secondly, after I show them the NBTC forms AND my insurance, would they realistically go to the trouble of contacting CAAT as well?

I was planning to use the Mavic to capture images of the Thai Islands down south, off the beach and from the ocean, basically away from land.

If I was to do any in-land take offs, it would be from whichever resort/hostel I was staying at, and again, far away from any other people/vehicles/animals - Basically away from any potential accidents.

I do understand that without receiving the CAAT licence I am not OFFICIALLY allowed to fly the drone, but I'm asking in a more practical sense?

For Japan, I understand that AT THE MOMENT, we don't need a licence to fly and just have to obey their basic drone rules.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ideally I would love to be able to register in Thailand correctly, but it seems that they haven't really got it together on their end in terms of managing all these applications et
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DJI Mindy
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Hi, Ameer, here is a brief reply about your questions.
For you first question about the International Insurance, sorry to tell you that we do not provide international warranty at the moment, customers can obtain warranty service only at a designated DJI repair center in the region where he/she purchased the product. However, depending on part availability, customers can obtain cross-regional repair service at an additional charge.

How to kept the battery in the airline travel?
Please contact your airlines for more instructions since different airlines have different rules. Appreciate your understanding.

We definitely should respect the rules of local authorities, but we are unable to provide more info regarding this, hope other users who have been there could give you some advice.

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