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photo viewing suggestion
616 0 2017-11-15
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Bekaru Tree
Flight distance : 15513100 ft
South Africa

Hi dji Grace - is it not possible to have a page where photo entry pictures are posted - like a photo album vs having to open each link. The idea is almost like google images system but with slight improvements to suit these circumstances. Sort of like skypixel system but only images not lots of backfill.

On this photo album page there should be an ability to like or share the image and also the chance to link to that thread.
First step - i view all images posted on a page of images only. The idea is that if i like the pic on the photo album i can give it a thumbs up - photographer gets 1 point.
Next step - if i really like the image, then by clicking on it the photographer gets 2 points and i get taken to the original image on the photographers thread and where i can leave a comment ect if i desire to do so - for each comment left the photographer could get a 3rd point
This might also provide you with a new way to track activity and calculate points to be provided per individual image.
Use props
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