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Sinked Inspire 1 in the Sea - Battery problem (Continuing Thread)
1437 4 2015-4-12
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Dominican Republic

Hello, sorry to repost this thread, but my issue is very strange, now i got home, i have my computer and i will post the pictures.
Yesterday was flying my inspire 1, i took off normally at Bahia de las Aguilas, Cabo Rojo, Dominican Republic; winds were 19mph, flew 3,000mtrs upfront; took some shots and had 65% battery left, when i was coming back the drone didnt accelerate, was coming back at 7meters/second max, when i changed to ATTI the speed raised to 9-10m/s, was very slow, the battery (tb48) was fully charged and it only lasted 16 minutes (I think this was a factory deffect, and i am attaching pictures); my drone turn off and fell off in the middle of the sea, at aproximately 200mtrs of the beach, 20 feet under salt water, after it got crazy and did many rounds in front of the beach without me controlling, didnt respond to my command.

I managed to rescue the bird but lasted like 20 minutes sinked, i went in a small boat and a diver, the pilot app does not let me sync the flight data, and neither re-play it. The battery is very damaged, it opened like it exploded, and i cant turn on the drone to get the flight log. After several recommendations i put the bird and the camera in a very big bag of rice to dry it, did rinsed off the salt water, it will be a miracle if works.

Contacted DJI Support last night, they told me that is not repairable, that they dont receive it and the cant issue an RMA, but today another one told me different, he said to send it to Los Angeles branch, told me to call them and they will issue an RMA, its two different versions, but i have a question, if a put a battery t my drone after it sinked it will work? but i cant send it neither cause DJI will ship it back! gonna contact my dealer tomorrow, but really dont know what to do. Anyways, taking forum member's advice placed the drone and the camera in a big bag full of rice, will leave it 3 days, after that will try to turn it on and get the flight log.

I need to buy a new one, but i will need a discount, does somebody knows if DJI do that? Its important to say that i have a year flying all weekend minimun 5 or 6 hours, i am a very cautious pilot and i never do scary flights, in September 2014 bought a phantom 2 vision plus and many accesories, in March bought this inspire and many accesories from Rotor Logic, who happens to be a great dealer, 100% attention.
My drone didnt have a month old, it was my 17th flight, let me know your comment...

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I doubt DJI will repair it, simply because ALL of the circuitry is damaged. Salt is an excellent conductor of electricity and will short out every circuit. You can try to rinse it out with distilled water, then let it dry, but you MUST get rid of all of that salt. If all fails, you can still sell off the parts. I would say about 50% of it is salvageable (all of the non electric example the legs, props, body, and other parts that don't have and power running through them. plus you have the remote which is worth over $500... You can use that money to buy a new Inspire
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Dear leoamartinez,
Unfortunately, speaking from experience, if it was just any model, I mean that you can access to all electronic and non, that were visible and accessible, since the battery was in the final stage (16 'flight time with air conditions you should not exceed 10% the moment of impact with the water) and you recovery within 10' , there were hopes to save the model, motors some electronics, camera and possible receiver.esc's is definitely dead. But electronic that is sink in the salt water is not reliable any more.
My opinion is that you where very low on battery my friend. Probably you entered in critical battery status and the bird started to descend. I am not sure about, but I thing that when the model is entering descend mode is a little bit leisurely on movements. Although if you increase the throttle will begin if rises but not for too long.
Anyway, good luck
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One interesting thing that just came to my mind. You said that your I-1 was suddenly flying very slow - I could swear I experienced this too and it was not windy at all. I was about 300m away and on the way back suddenly the I-2 flew really slow. I didn't think too much about it and it didn't happen ever since (not even for subsequent flights that same day) but after reading your post I just remembered it.

Again I am pretty sure in my case the slow speed was not due to wind. It would be interesting to look at the flight logs to see the amount of current drawn at that slow flight because if it just flies slow without wind pushing it back, the current drawn should also be low. On my other UAVs I could take a look at all those flight parameters (logfile) myself - I don't know if it is possible for us to analyze the I-1 power consumption from it's flight logs.

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Is it possible to post a few screen shots from the Pilot App of the when you started to lose control of the Inspire?
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