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DJI Vision Phantom 2 Plus - "Phantom Connection Broke" - No video
759 3 2017-11-26
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Philip Nelson

United States

Need some help from the drone gurus here in the forums..

Initial problem... No video in App

Dusted off my Phantom Vision 2 plus and connected to my Samsung Note 5. Couldn't see video on the app. I could control the camera. Video and photos worked and I could see them in my gallery.

I started reading on various forums that a potential solution was the rebind the Range Extender to the phone..

Turned on range extender, controller then drone..  Waited until the range extender light was solid and then hit the reset button..  Turned Wifi on the phone and connected to the phantom. Went into the app settings and selected bind. input the drone mac address. Hit the check mark to get out of the bind menu..

Turned off the drone, turned off the controller and turned off the wifi extender. Turned them all back on.. launched the app on my phone. It connected to the phantom Wifi. When I go into the "camera" menu.. It says "Phantom Connection broken.

Although I work in the live television industry, I'm a bit clueless when it comes to drones. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

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United States

I have the same problem.  No video, but all telemetry works.   Camera can take picture when commanded, camera moves when tilt knob activated.   I have had this P2V+ sent back to DJI for repair about a year ago for same issue, and have less than a dozen flights on it since.  DJI has some major issues with their P2V+ hardware.  I want to get a new drone, but will not consider DJI because of all the reports of video relay issues.  I do not want to invest another $1K on something which repeatedly fails the same way.  I am used to buying a new device because there is something newer and better, and I want it, not because it keeps breaking.

I also tried the rebinding as you did, also without success.  Somehow, my gut tells me there is a firmware bug somehow, but they won't invest an engineering time on fixing something on their older equipment they consider obsolete.
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Mark The Droner
Flight distance : 2917 ft
United States

Sorry for your troubles.  Maybe this thread will help:
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DJI Elektra

Hi, Philip. Did you get OSD info on the app? Please ensure that the 8 pin cable above your camera is well connected. Thanks for your help.
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