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M600 Pro w/Z30 - Live Broadcast
563 1 2017-12-1
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I'm wondering if there are any use cases out there using the M600 Pro with the z30 in a live broadcast situation. We are looking at a situation where helicotpers are not an option, and by all my research, every picece of this puzzle should work for our situation, but I'm curious who out there may have successfully done something similar. We would have a 3 member team per UAV (Pilot, Cam Opp, AC), with 2 UAV's, so that we can have one up 100 % of the time.

Some of the specific question-
Will the slave controller be able to map the zoom to physical buttons or dial, instead of on screen only?
Does the Slave controler physically talk to the Master controller, or does it talk directly to the M600? (Asking because I plan on modifing the Antennas for the remotes for better guarateed signal)
I've read about possible issues with CrystalSky monitors not working nicely with the controllers... This is a bummer if true because we really need the super bright screens. Can anyone elaberate on this?
Why does the Cendence not work with the M600's? This seems like a big fail to me, as it would be the perfect camera opp remote...but whatever.

These are the biggest ones I can think of for the moment.

Any input or advice is welcomed and thank you!

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Why not get yourself a M210? It does everything you have listed and comes with Cendence. The M600 is a lot of drone to carry a single Z30 camera. I wouldn't waste your time modifying the 5.8 antennas on your M600 remotes. I already did that to ours and honestly did not see an improvement in performance. We ended up just running a long HDMI cable to camera operator with a monitor when running 2 operator M600 ops.   
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