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I NEED Batteries for my Phantom 2 Vision +!!!
768 2 2017-12-3
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I need to buy batteries for my Phantom 2 Vision +.  It would seem DJI doesn't make them anymore!  I am one of the early adopters of DJI and have helped to make them the successful company they are today: how can they let me down! =)  IF when I was thinking about buying a new Phantom 2 Vision + and they had a disclaimer saying that they would stop making batteries for it in two to three years, do you think I would have bought one?  Do you think ANYONE would have bought one? Or course not.  

My Phantom 2 is awesome!  Everything works exactly the day I bought it.  The camera, the gimble, the motors, the remote control, the Wifi, the app! But I'm down to one battery and I need more.  Would DJI suggest I should throw my beautiful flying machine into the trash and buy something newer?  Well, yes, I guess that's exactly what they are saying by not offering batteries for my machine.

I think I found some on Amazon, but I'm in Taiwan and they don't ship here.  If anyone has some suggestions I would be so very thankful.  

Pardon my rant, but I am very disappointed is DJI's dropping support for Phantom 2.  Buyer beware of their newer products for it is very likely the same lack of concern will happen for them.

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There are plenty of 3rd party / aftermarket battery versions that will work with the Phantom 2 series.  Can't say I have any idea of the availability of vendors in Taiwan but I wouldn't be surprised if some were actually manufactured there.  Alibaba comes to mind.
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Hey there, the Phantom 2 series battery has been discontinued for a long time, and we're sorry for the inconvenience. Maybe you can contact the local dealers to check whether they are in stock:
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