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Two questions about DJI Go and M600
381 0 2017-12-6
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Longtime M600 pilot here. I'm trying to get rid of the overexposure warnings in the DJI Go app. We utilize the Ronin M gimbal, not one of DJI's X series cameras, so I don't have the camera settings adjustment menus where you'd normally find the option to turn the zebra stripes on/off. Anybody know of another way to turn it off?

Also, and this is probably a bigger issue for me is the battery drain I've been experiencing on my iPad mini (2nd gen). It's only been in the last 3-4 months that it's been such an issue. Previously I could fly 10-12 sets of batteries (roughly 2.5 - 3 hours) before my ipad battery was dipping below 20%. Currently, I'm only able to fly for 30-45 minutes before my ipad battery is nearing 20%. Has anybody else experienced the same extremely short battery life? The battery life when not running DJI Go is 7-8 hours so I can't blame it on the ipad being a few years old. I also experience similarly short battery life when using my iphone instead of my ipad. Is anybody else using another tablet with great battery life? Recommendations welcome. Thanks.

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