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my dji ronin m is total disaster
575 0 2017-12-19
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finally, I decided to let my sorrow with you guys. My saga with the Ronin M is already in it's 3 month.
I have tried to use the device around 10 times. From those 10 times, I could use it for short period of time, about 3 times. It was constant problems with the APP or something else that I am not aware of. Yes, I have an Android device, and yes I read that this APP is badly done, seriously DJI how can you have such badly done APP for your customers, I mean come on Android devices are leading IOS in sells, so wouldn't that make more sense from business point of view to be more concentrated on Android? I have no comment on that. At one point the Ronin stopped responding at all, or the motors went into overdrive, so I had to stop trying to connect it to the phone because the motors were heating up. Also, I got the message that I use not original batteries, which apparently is a common issue as well. So, I sent the unit for repair, got it back fairly quickly. I updated it with the lates firmware and connected it to an iPhone with the idea that maybe somehow the android app blocked the unit, back then. The first connection went without issues, I was relieved and I started to look around for an iPhone, although I never planned to change the system or spending a good amount of money for an Apple product, and again DJI, come on ANDROIDDD. Anyways, lets to get to the point. Today I needed the device to record some videos for work, powered up the device,  connected it to the same iPhone to fine tune the settings, and guess what, NO CONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECTION, the APP finds the Ronin, but there is no data feed coming in, nothing can be adjusted or activated through the IOS APP. So please tell me what to do! Shall I go pray in the church everytime I have to use the device? I have spent 1200 euros on that, bought it from the DJI store BTW, and I have useless junk so far IMHO.

thank you for your attention
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