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Repair Advise on Camera Gimbal after Crash
348 1 2017-12-23
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Flight distance : 116109 ft
United States

Hello and thank you in advance for your help:

Long story short went flying at an area abouit a half mile away from my house and was orbiting this one section when i completely lost signal.  I initiated rth and waited for what seemed like forever untill i decided to head over to the area becuase i did see people over there and i didn't want them to take it so i got in my car and rushed over and turned on find my aircraft and it showed my aircraft in the area where the signal was lost.  Started looking in the field until I literally was on top of it according to the gps map and it wasn't there.  I asked some people near by if they saw a drone go down and they said no but we saw one rise up and take off.  I didn't believe it, so i went back to the fiield to look, and i couldn't find find it.  So i scambled back to my house to see if by chance it flew back and sure enough it did, and i felt like complete idiot.  So, for whatever reason my gps hasn't been that accurate despite attempts to make it so, when if got back to my house it was about 10 feet or so away from the take off point and clipped some branches on the way down which turned the motors off and it droped 4-5 feet or so to the ground.  Upon inspection it was alittle roughed up but not to bad considering.  

It did however, sustain some damage to the camera gimbal which i have attached a video and here's one during normal flight if anyone has some advise as to what i can do to remedy the situation i would be so grateful.  As you will see it makes a buzzing noise coming from the gimbal.  My first impression is that it's gear related.  It also shakes now during flight and I often get a notifcation telling me that the gimbal is overloading.  i researhed the issue and would like to get a second opinion before i move forward.  Thank you again..
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DJI Susan


Hi there, I'm sorry to read the crash. I'd suggest to send it in for a fully diagnosis and repair: The local team will take care once it arrived.
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