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Spark stick sensitivity = dual rate
2005 2 2018-1-4
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Today I was out to do some flying and filming with my Spark.
I've set stick sensitivity very low and was in GPS mode to do some smooth movements.
Expo/Gain settings would be far better but we are stuck without it for now and in combination with too stiff RC stick springs it's not working very well for me but oh well...
But then I had to travel some distance faster so I've switched to a sport mode. There was absolutely no wind. What I've noticed is that Spark was flying at 30kph only with full pitch and it should go more like 50kph according to the Specs.
The only logical explanation is that stick sensitivity is actually a dual rate and is not overriden when in Sport mode, limiting the top speed will full forward pitch.
Surely enough, when I've increased Sensitivity, speed at full pitch increased as well.

So, my question is: How do you guys deal with situation like this? Smooth and slow needed at one point and then fast and sharp at another?
If I start messing up with Sensitivity using phone/tablet I cannot get nice continuous movement so any other idea is highly welcome until DJI finally enables expo and gains for Spark.
So far, I've tried with tripod mode but it's too slow to my taste and than switching to a Sport mode without actually moving sensitivity from 100%.
Kinda works but not what I actually want. Any other ideas?

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi, sir. Please provide me the height that your spark flew at that time. I would recommend you notice the attitude indicator to check if there is wind in mid air. If the problem remains, please export the flight data and the black box for further check.
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A drone vlogger mentioned that he placed his thumbs beside the sticks and just applied pressure against them to get smoother movements.  I try longer smooth movements and then cut out the part that wasn't stalled by the wind or went too fast.  Long shots are boring any   /cut/   way.
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