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A Cogent Compendium of dji GO 4 Info
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I have run across a very clear, knowledgeable series of links from a blogger who put together a top-to-bottom elucidation of all the menu items in the GO 4 app.

He points out what each item should (and should not) do, and gives his (reasonable) suggestions on how to set things up. He has divided the subject up into logical subdivisions.

Basic Operations

Intelligent Flight Modes


Active Track, Follow Me Mode, Gesture Mode

Wifi/Remote Only, Tap to Fly, Fixed Wing, Point of Interest, Attitude Indicator

QuickShot Modes & Dynamic Homepoint

Comprehensive List of Menu Options

Very much worth reading. Well laid out and illlustrated with app screenshots. Non-wordy but cogent. I made them all into PDF files so I could put them on a tablet for bedtime reading. Also well-written, even amusing.

If one were moved to do so, PayPal donations would not go amiss. A lot of pretty careful time went into this. No donation button at the time I was there, there is an email input there in the sidebar.   

[note: all of the above links will appear on each page. i just pointed to the links for each subject; scroll down a bit]
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