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M2 gimbal?
421 1 2018-1-11
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With the release of the Osmo Mobile 2 (why wasn’t I emailed about this?), will there also be an M2 Gimbal?  I am (hopefully) just days away from ordering an M1 Gimbal to add to my Osmo+ kit (as soon as DJI decides to release the rest of my affiliate points), but now I’m having second thoughts, should I just wait a bit longer for the M2 gimbal?

For those reading that don’t know (because DJI never bothered marketing it, as near as I can tell), the M1 gimbal is an accessory that attaches to the Osmo handle just like any of the other cameras, only it’s not a camera, it’s a phone holder, the same one used on the Osmo mobile, except detachable.  Basically, it lets you use any of the existing Osmos as an Osmo Mobile, it even reads as one in the Go app.   There are advantages to that as well, it saves money (you don’t have to buy an Osmo Mobile, and the gimbal is cheaper), and it’s detachable, so you can still use the Z axis and cable mounts, and you can switch back to the regular camera at any time.  And, if you use both, the gimbal takes up less space and weight than the Osmo Mobile.

I would like the M1, only the Osmo Mobile 2 is now cheaper, and it has that nice extended battery, very tempting.  But, I also like the idea of having the gimbal detachable.  What I would really like is an M2 gimbal, cheaper than the M1, lighter, and has the nice orientation control.

Is an M2 gimbal on the horizon?  When could I expect to see one?

Or is the M2 gimbal something that won’t come out until the Osmo 2? (and presumably will not be compatible with the Osmo 1).

Can I expect to see a price drop on the M1 gimbal (and the original Osmo Mobile)?

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Sir, we don't think the separate M2 gimbal will be released since there are many differences between Osmo Mobile 1 and Osmo Mobile 2, currently, the answer is NO, but please pay attention to our website about future release. Appreciate your interst.
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