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DJI M200 Drone data collection with X5S Camera Issue
905 1 2018-1-12
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Nahid Ferdous 4
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Problem Statement :
We plan to use DJI M200 Drone with X5S camera for our research project . Now i want to know that,1. For conducting a mapping based research project, can i directly collect RAW image from X5S camera , after a fly using DJI GSpro  mission planning app? Or i need to go through any secondary software/server/cloud server, and get my data from drone redirected through the process?
2. I`m prohibited to share any of my RAW image or data with dji or any server(due to govt. security measures). How can i ensure this?
3. Does DJI apps automatically collect drone data and store on DJI Server without the users will?
Please clarify this issues as soon as possible, and if possible with related proves (any weblink to DJI disclaimer would be ok)  

The Solution ( From DJI Engineeres )

Dear Nahid,

Thank you for contacting DJI Technical Support.

We are grateful to assist you with your concern. Below are the answers for your reference.

1. When you fly it for mapping, photos can only be recorded as JPEG. If you use waypoint flight mission, you can set it as JPEG or RAW.

The photos recorded by X5S are all saved in the SD or SSD card .

2. The photos are saved in the SD or SSD card. If you do not share them with others, they will not be shared.

3. Flight data is saved in the aircraft while flight records are saved in the mobile device. If you do not send the data to us, we cannot collect the data. And if you do not sync the records to our server, we cannot access them either.

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Easy Ed
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nicely done - thanks for sharing.
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