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Spark it, maybe!
474 0 2018-1-26
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First Officer
Flight distance : 311089 ft
United States

Greetings, DJI Xmas Spark discount purchase here. And now a discounted version of the Mavic is announced, available now! Thanks for the heads up DJI. My Spark wouldn't stay connected longer than 3 minutes. I don't track all the firmware,GoApp versions hour by hour. The new version I got today works for my AC and RC in GPS mode. I got a 3 and 4 minute flight in today after the update. Almost like my P3S. I still can't find the firmware number anywhere or the GoApp version. Anyways... I still feel abondoned by DJI....  Who dosen't want a Mavic but settled for the lesser version with the tech. I would have easily gave it up for the Mavic Air. Anyways...  My Spark isn't a combo unit... The right anntene is loose. it swivels, and won't hold a upright position. I'd like to open up the remote controller and maybe tighten a lock nut or put a dab of hot glue on the fitting inside the controller. Anyone opn one up?  

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